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Final Major Project

Kingston Upon Thames


The Buzz 


The concept of this proposal is to draw the public back to the Undercroft by creating an exciting and interesting mixed-use building, accommodating the needs of multiple users. 


The flow of the adjacent river is incorporated through a sense of movement in the design. From the basement, the new sunken rotunda entrance guides people into a public archive, leading to an IT suite and research library. The ground floor entrance opens onto a platform leading down into the restaurant providing community meals or up to the first floor, where users can access bookable studios with large, airy spaces for dance classes and music lessons. The cookery school running classes here throughout the day has space too, for private dining.


Overall, this proposal is about positively impacting existing environments and communities through adaptive reuse design - starting with the mind (knowledge), the stomach (food), and finally the body (movement), facilitating unique and creative experiences for all.

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